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Do you have any questions or concerns about your excursion? We are here to help! The best way to contact our team is to use the contact form or via email.

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Barratterre, Exuma


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  • Where exactly is the meetup spot for the boating and fishing services?
    Our meet up location is at the Barraterre Dock, Rolleville, Exuma, Bahamas. Please view the location using the button below:
  • Can I ask for specific activities on my boat tours or fishing charters?
    Absolutely! We cannot promise anything, but certain activities can be traded in for another activity depending on the service (Half Day and Full Day Boat Tours or Fishing Charters). Please do not hesitate to ask about any alternatives.
  • What is the difference between the half-day and full-day boat tour?
    The Half Day Boat Tour is 4 hours long and takes place in Rolleville, Exuma, Bahamas. The activities include; swimming with the pigs, feeding the iguanas, exploring the caves of Exuma, and snorkeling. The Full Day Boat Tour is 8 hours long and goes along a path going north which ends at Staniel Cay. The activities include: swimming with the pigs, feeding the iguanas, exploring the caves of Exuma, snorkeling, and swimming with the nursing sharks.
  • What should I bring on my Exuma boat tours or fishing charters?
    You should bring items that help protect you from the sun. For example; a hat, sunscreen, towel, etc. You should also bring your own snorkeling gear.
  • What time do the boat tours and fishing charters start?
    Our Half Day Boat Tours start at 8am or 1pm. Our Full Day Boat Tours start at 9am. This also applies to our Fishing Charters.
  • Can I drink alcohol on the boat tours or fishing charters?
    Yes you may, if you choose to do so. We provide beer along with light snacks, beverages, and water.
  • Can I change my boating service date after booking?
    Yes, as long as it is at least 24 hours before your booking date. This will provide us with sufficient time to inform our captain.
  • Can I ask for a different boat service booking time?
    For our Full Day Boat Tours and Fishing Charters, our times are not absolute as we understand people may want to leave a little later in the day (As late as 10 am). Depending on our schedule, we can also alter times for the Half Day Boat Tours and Fishing Charters. Make sure to ask if you are interested!
  • What should I expect after booking?
    A member of our crew will reach out to you to verify your booking. We may also reach out via email as well. You should receive a confirmation email after booking. At this point, they will answer any questions you may have regarding your boat tour or fishing charter. Our crewmate normally makes contact approximately 48 hours before the booking date. Sometimes this may happen earlier or later depending on the logistics of the service.
  • What is the difference between public and private tours or charters?
    The private boat tours and fishing charters allow you and your group to have the beautiful Exuma islands all to yourself! Your group will be able to fully enjoy the boat in privacy with your captain. Our Public Exuma Boat Services allow anyone to book and share their boating and fishing experiences with others.
  • Can I have a customized private boat charter?
    You can most certainly have a boat tour or charter that is completely unique to you! Just ask us and we will see what is possible based on varying factors such as; distance, time, location, and activities. Pricing for these excursions will be specifically invoiced for online payment.
  • Does the boat have shading?
    Our boats are not completely shaded. It has partial shading, and so we recommend all passengers to bring items to help shade from the sun any other external weather conditions. Please view images displaying our boats.
  • Are fishing rods provided?
    Yes, fishing rods are provided along with bait and tackle to enjoy your fishing trip.
  • What happens when my boat tour or fishing charter is canceled due to weather conditions?
    If this were to happen, you would be fully refunded as the weather cannot be 100% accurate leading to the booking date.
  • Is there a toilet on the boat?
    Yes, we have a toilet on the boat which is used for emergencies.
  • Are pick-up and drop-off available?
    We can provide contact information for local drivers in Exuma that will facilitate your commuting needs. Their fees are completely separate from Crystal Bay Boat Excursions and is paid in cash.
  • Is lunch provided with the boat tours and fishing charters?
    Lunch is not included in any of our boating services. However, in our Full Day Boat Tours, we go to Staniel Cay where a restaurant is located. There you may purchase meals at a separate cost.
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